Itchy Skin & Ear infection

Cure Your Pet's Itchy Skin and Ear Infection

You will go to great lengths to make sure your pet is not only happy but healthy and comfortable as well. So, when they start itching or rubbing at their ears, it is a sign something might be wrong. There are all kinds of reasons why your pet might have itchy skin or ear infections. Some of these issues you might be able to address at home, but with so many culprits, it is always best to come visit your local Anaheim Hills veterinarian and get to the bottom of the situation. If you are looking for itchy skin treatment, Sunrise Pet Hospital can help you and your furry friends.


The Culprits

So, what is causing your pet to suffer from itchy skin or ear infections? Well, there is a multitude of potential culprits. 

For starters, your pet might be allergic to something. Food allergies are just as common in animals as they are in humans. So, your pet might be demonstrating an allergic reaction to something in their food. This can also cause gunk to build up within their ears, for their skin to red, or for them to constantly itch at their eyes. 

Beyond allergies, there might be a pest bothering them. You can check their skin for visible signs of pests, including eggs, bites, or the pests themselves, although some issues, such as skin mites, may not be visible as the pests may be under the skin. 

Treating The Problem

If your pet is demonstrating food allergies, there can be some trial and error here. Common food allergies include allergies to grains, corn, and soy. Basically, filler is used in inferior foods. However, allergies to rice and even certain proteins is common as well. Much like identifying exact allergies with humans, Sunrise Pet Hospital can perform skin scrapes and tests in order to identify what your pet is allergic to. Sometimes the allergies are seasonal, or they may have multiple allergies. 


Depending on the issue at hand, your pet may need medication to treat the issue. There are topical treatments that help improve the health of their skin and oral medications to help with some infections, inflammation, and other potential problems. If you live in or around Anaheim Hills, the team at Sunrise Pet Hospital is here to help identify the problem and give you and your pet the best solution possible. 

Itchy Pet Skin and Ear Infections Are Treated At Sunrise Pet Hospital

Canine ear infections are very painful for your pet, and if left untreated, it can become dangerous. Ear infections can also harm your dog’s ear canal which can cause many problems down the road, like hearing loss, for example.

If your pet is suffering from an ear infection, please do not hesitate to give Sunrise Pet Hospital a call. Ear infections should not go untreated. Our veterinary staff is experienced and can help relieve your pet’s pain. If your pet is suffering from an ear infection, it would be best to see a professional!

With so many potential causes behind itchy skin and ear infections, it is important to do what you can to help your pet. All of this begins with a single phone call to Sunrise Pet Hospital. From identifying the cause to providing a solution, your pet's skin and ear relief is just a simple call away. 

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